Giovanni Fasciano

Hard-working entrepreneur & marketing manager with over 25 years of experience.

Giovanni Fasciano is the son of an entrepreneur engaged in the distribution of accessories (jewelry and watches) in the luxury sector of the Italian market. It is precisely the training received in his youth, which  provided the professional inspiration that became Giovanni’s driving force years later.  However, although this direction may have stemmed from an initial family impetus, it was by no means
certain (or easy) that Giovanni’s journey would then lead him to his brilliant professional accomplishments. It is also true, that although his vocation to the business did not originate from a random idea, nevertheless Giovanni’s praiseworthy goals and achievements would not have been reached if he had not been constantly guided by his diligence, commitment and innovation that characterized his work throughout his professional career.

The speedy rise of Giovanni Fasciano‘s career can indeed be attributed to these prerequisites, with the latter drawing maximum benefit from any daily experience gained in the ruthless world of international business, and starting work (immediately after university) in the marketing department of Gidieffe S.r.l. to showcase his abilities in the role of marketing manager.

Although his first work experience was relatively short, Giovanni Fasciano was able to brilliantly display (in just over two years) his aptitude, leading to an offer to transfer to Hong Kong to cover the important and demanding appointment as Time Force’s LTD marketing manager, which resulted in a long-lasting work relationship spanning ten years.

The transfer to Hong Kong certainly strengthened the strong-willed manager’s ambition, allowing him to gradually turn into an entrepreneur. It was precisely his assignments at Time Force that allowed him to gain experience in every business sector, far beyond the initial job of marketing department manager. In fact, they required cross-cutting professional competence that ranged from market research to the analysis of competitors, project management, web marketing, and drafting of corporate press releases.

Such extensive professional training experience, coupled with the international environment shaping the man and professional, created the opportunity to gain new significant know-how which Giovanni Fasciano would later use as valuable skills for an entrepreneur. Once moving to Switzerland, Giovanni founded the Italian company Global Watch Industries S.p.A., which has certainly claimed its success in the watch industry.

The challenging product innovation, customer care, effective commercial organization Giovanni directed, soon awarded the company the distinction of being one of the best companies, not just in Europe, but worldwide, reaching a turnover of 100 million dollars and two million watches sold in one year.  These results prompted Giovanni Fasciano to further challenges, and in 2008 (in full swing of the economic
crisis), he established a corporate group, which he fully oversees since 2013. The group has been able to
flourish in the real estate sector and in corporate and equity investments in the US and Middle East.

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