Marketing is a unique profession because you have so many different career choices from which to choose. You’re not limited to becoming an accountant or a teacher, for example, like other more defined majors. In fact, many marketing majors go into sales, which is one of the important phases of marketing. But if you have your heart set on working an actual marketing job, here are some great career choices that are in high demand.


Product Manager

The product manager’s job is to develop and promote both new and existing products, according to Products have life cycles which mean they are popular for awhile but eventually reach the maturity and decline states. It’s the product manager’s job to understand the various life cycle stages and allocate the proper strategies and promotions for each phase. Product managers may decide to add new features or styles to existing products to increase their lifespans. They also create new concepts for products based on what consumers want. Consumer products companies with many brands often use brand managers instead of product managers, but the job descriptions are very similar.


Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing communications managers are responsible for overseeing the production of all internal and external communications, according to These professionals often manage other marketing professionals such as copywriters, graphic designers and web developers. They manage the development of corporate websites and social media. They are also responsible for all content development, including the production of corporate brochures, press releases, sales collateral and direct mail pieces. In recent years, email and internet marketing has also fallen within the domain of the marketing communications manager.

Market Research Analysts

A marketing research analyst helps brand, advertising and other departments understand their markets, according to The Balance. They determine which the demographic groups that are most likely to buy their companies’ products, and recommend how best to reach these groups. Most market research analysts report to market research managers or directors. Much of the analyst’s work revolves around conducting surveys through outside vendors, analyzing data and helping managers and executives formula strategies.


Media Buyer

Like the title suggests, a media buyer purchases different types of media. But there’s a lot of strategy involved in determining which ads to purchase and when to purchase them. Media buyers usually report to advertising managers who help them allocate funds toward specific media. Media buyers may also track the impact of various ads, determining which ones are producing and which ones to cut.