Austin is well-known as one of the cultural capitals of Texas. With a thriving music and arts scene, and a “Keep Austin Weird” movement, the city has long been seen as a quirky, curious outpost in a mostly straitlaced state. However, there’s more to Austin than just quirk. This is a city with a burgeoning population.

Austin was the fastest-growing city in the country from 2017 to 2018. Over 145 people moved to the city each day for that period. In eight years, the population of Austin has grown by 20%. The people moving to Austin aren’t just artists, either. Austin is a center of Texan politics, higher education and technology. Austin has become a hub for startups in the Southwest.

Austin’s new arrivals are mostly coming to fill existing jobs. The city’s unemployment rate is below 3%, making it one of the lowest rates in the country. Real estate prices are heading upwards based on this influx of people. However, nearby communities like Buda and Rock still offer attractive home prices for young and growing families. Unlike the booming cities of California, the market in the Austin area is still welcoming to investors who are looking for a way to save for retirement.

The commercial real estate world in Austin is undergoing a boost, too. Companies from Apple to GM and Whole Foods have opened national and regional headquarters in and around the city. Google has plans for a twenty-plus story tower in Austin’s downtown. Demand for space in the business districts is going up, too. This means that Austin’s real estate market is incredibly healthy, on all fronts. Businesses are coming to town and revitalizing the downtown corridor. Their employees are buying up homes and driving demand for condos. So Austin’s real estate market is, in effect, getting a double-boost.

Austin’s great schools are also a driver in the local real estate boom. Employers are eager to move there, in part, due to the work-ready, educated population. And concerned parents are happy to relocate to Austin, where some of the best K-12 schools in the state of Texas are located. Schools from U of T Austin to Concordia and the Art Institute draw scholars from all over the world.