CrowdStreet is an online platform where people have to apply to get in to. CrowdStreet is a place where well-established businesses meet well-established and seasoned commercial real estate investors. Their process for approval for both customer and sponsor is long and rigorous. But that is only because CrowdStreet takes great pride in their offerings for their customers and strives for success in commercial real estate investing. This article will talk about CrowdStreet’s process of approval for sponsors and details on how someone can become a part of CrowdStreet. 


CrowdStreet hosts a wealth of knowledge about commercial real estate (CRE) investment services for anyone from beginner to expert to start investing. If you are thinking of starting to invest in CRE or are a seasoned expert and just want a refresher of what it’s all about then CrowdStreet has sections of theri website strictly for the education of their customers. The platform hosts its own Webinars, interviews, and podcasts for new investors to watch and listen to. A great place to get started with CRE investing is the Education tab on CrowdStreet. There you will find a section called ‘New Investor Orientation’ which will give you everything you need to know to start. 

The Process

CrowdStreet gets hundred of offerings from Sponsors and businesses each month. CrowdStreet implements a long evaluation process for each one of their offerings. In any given month, only about three percent of offerings get put into the CrowdStreet portfolio. The strict marketplace requirements, as well as a twenty-six point evaluation of each offering, makes it extremely difficult to get into the CrowdStreet portfolio. The Sponsor and the deal itself are closely looked at. After the Sponsor and the deal have been looked at and approved, the Sponsor is put into one of four categories for identification. The four categories include Emerging, Seasoned, Tenured, and Enterprise. Each category establishes a different level of expertise and experience. The categories are set for the customers to easily determine what kind of Sponsor they are investing in and to gauge the risk of each investment. 

There is so much more to CrowdStreet than just this article. If you would like to learn more about CrowdStreet’s process please visit their website and read any of their information about their process. If you are interested in CRE, CrowdStreet is the place to start.