The real estate industry is always changing. Over the past several years, the way people interact with the industry has changed entirely. The internet and social media platforms are an efficient way to earn new customers and potentially close a sale. Although the old ways of cold calling may not be the best way now, it is still good to have in your back pocket for more traditional avenues of lead generation. In the technological age, real estate companies and agents alike need to adapt to the changing environment or be left behind. Here we will talk about some effective real estate lead generation strategies that you or your business could easily implement.

Zillow & Trulia

Arguably the largest online real estate platforms are Zillow and Trulia. Almost ninety percent of people looking to rent or buy search online to at some point during the process to find properties. This makes it wildly important to utilize popular platforms such as Zillow and Trulia to make yourself stand out and have all the necessary information needed for your properties. Understanding these properties also comes with a basic understanding of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Being able to have your website or properties rank well in Google or other search engines is the key to having potential customers look at your practice first.


Consider taking out ads for your properties to get more eyes on them. Two good ways to take out ads is through Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Both of these options will help get more people looking at your properties and potentially more customers. Although each effort will cost a bit of capital the ROI could be worth it if other tactics are implemented effectively.

Virtual Tours or Videos

The traditional way of marketing a property through a written description and some photos are over. Customers now look for a full 360 virtual tour of the property and the surrounding areas. Having a virtual tour available for potential buyers can help them get a better understanding of what the property is like and eliminate some unnecessary steps for them. Customers appreciate videos and virtual tours much more than just pictures of the property.