Staging any real estate property is a good idea to help get more eyes on your property and potentially more people looking to buy. Although, you should not throw anything and everything into your property to make it look nice. Staging a property takes time, care, and effort to be done correctly. This article will give some tips on how to stage your property and what things to look for when getting ready to show it to potential buyers.


Before you put anything into your property, you want to make sure that you are taking out all unnecessary things to make the property look decent. Any kind of clutter within a home is not good. Whether it was recent indoor construction or you were using some spaces for storage, it is vital to clean up all rooms and make them look presentable to the potential buyers. Going a step further, be sure to vacuum and wipe down all surfaces that you can. Potential buyers looking through a home pay attention to the smallest details and you want to be as prepared as possible for the showing of your property.


People enjoy good lighting anywhere they go. If the property has a lot of windows, open up the blinds and let the sun shine in. If the property will allow it, utilize natural lighting as much as you can for every room in the property. You will inevitably have to purchase extra lighting to make rooms look more appealing. When looking to buy lighting fixtures, be sure to also buy appealing and matching lampshade or wall sconces for the rooms. You can mix and match the different intensities of the lighting in each room to achieve an optimal stage for the property.


Furniture is another essential part of staging your home. If the property you are putting up for sale is your own, you can use your own furniture. Another tactic is to mix and match your own furniture with rented furniture. Rented furniture would only be used for showing the house and can add a great new layer of looks and style to your property. Some professionals may recommend using rented furniture for the entire house and none of your own. A good way to think about using only rented furniture is that you are prepared to sell the property the same day that you show it. This is a possibility when showing the house, buyers could make you an offer right there and then, in that case, it would be better to have rented furniture instead of your own.