It has been about eleven years since the Great Recession in the U.S real estate market. Since that time, the real estate market has fluctuated back and forth and some professionals say it has fully recovered from the crash in 2008. In some cities across America, the housing market has seen increasing growth in the housing market and have the potential to see even bigger growth in the coming years. This article will talk about some of the markets across the U.S that are rapidly expanding and ones that are worth keeping an eye on over the next year.

Austin, Texas

In recent years, Austin, Texas has seen significant growth in their real estate market with big businesses coming in to plant their roots. Recruiting company has planned to develop an eleven-story tower for their business in the downtown Austin area. Other skyscrapers have already made their impression on the downtown Austin scene. The Independent is the tallest skyscraper in Austin and is fifty-eight stories high. The Independent is a residential skyscraper home to a luxury fitness center and pool area for the residents. An influx of millennials has given way to the demand for more housing in Austin and is definitely a city to watch over the next few years.

Denver, Colorado

Denver was one of the top contenders for Amazon’s HQ2 recently and has seen consistent growth within the metropolitan area over the last several years. The city has created new transit options that have connected much of the downtown area and plans to build out new construction plans in the near future. One of those plans is the ninety stories high rise called Six Fifty 17. The Six Fifty 17 will be Denver’s first supertall skyscraper to hit the downtown area. There are sure to be more real estate opportunities in the near future for Denver.

Nashville, Tennessee

The home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee is seeing a big boom in commercial and residential value over the last couple of years. Capitalizing on the music scene in Nashville, the city has put a lot of time and money into developing tourist attractions and hotel experiences. The relatively low cost of living and closeness to the East Coast has given Nashville an advantage in the housing market.